We're Hiring

We are looking for nerds and only nerds who are crazy enough to fly to Mars. The important thing is to be eager to learn. The boss is very nice and will never bug you. Ethnicity? Doesn't matter. Experience? You can earn it from us. Age? Maximum 420 Mars Years. Payment? Definitely not a Flat... Please don't push it.

Job Openings


Community Manager

You have nothing to do but to lose time online everywhere? You definitely love communicating and developing yourself in a community? Did you know that you can earn money with it?


Game Developer

Have you played enough Super Mario and had an Atari as a kid? Then we know you're the real deal. Don't forget to bring your crazy imagination with you.


Graphic Designer

Hm, doesn't really pop yet, something is missing. It's just hard for us to put it into words, but I'm sure you can think of something.


Gaming Quality Engineer

Do you know better? If you want to take benefit of the whole, you have to see the whole in the smallest details. We will give you a big magnifying glass and let you criticize everything. It will be fun!

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